Dr. Phillip Feldman

Dr. Phillip Feldman
Dr. Phillip Feldman


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As a classroom teacher in Memphis Tennessee, Dr. Phillip Feldman experienced the challenges of providing high quality education to at risk children. After earning his Doctor of Education degree from the University of Memphis he founded the Reading Center at the University of Tennessee at Martin. As Associate Dean of the College of Education at the University of South Alabama he has worked to develop practice-drive teacher education programs rich in clinical field experiences coupled with high use of emerging instructional technology.A successful grant writer, he has been awarded over $29,000,000 in externally funded grants for research, teaching, and service.  These awards have come from the US Department of Education, the National Science Foundation, private foundations and state agencies.In additional to numerous national presentations, Dr. Feldman has presented scholarly papers and led faculty development programs in Melbourne and Sydney Australia, London, Paris, and Quebec. Most recently he has worked with the University of Glasgow (Scotland).

Dr. Feldman was a pioneer in the early adoption of technology in education.  He was selected as one of 100 educators selected to participate in research and development for technology implementation at the University of California at Berkeley. This work brought national recognition to the University of South Alabama.  His research has focused on the use of emerging technologies to enhance classroom instruction. He was awarded a three-year National Science Foundation grant to explore the use of technology in mathematics education. After completing this project he won a Preparing Teacher to Use Technology award from the US Department of Education that provided professional development for K-12 teachers.

His NSF award allowed the University of South Alabama to partner with Vanderbilt University to conduct research and develop a strong reputation for the effective use of technology in teacher education. His groundbreaking work in this area was the foundation for implementing the statewide program, Technology in Motion, still operational across Alabama today.

Dr. Feldman has authored or contributed to over 30 scholarly publications

As the Director and Principal Investigator of the SARIC (South Alabama Regional In-service Center) and the Alabama Math Science and Technology Initiative (AMSTI) —a multimillion dollar project that provides high quality professional development for teachers and administrators focusing on math and science — Dr. Feldman works with over 15% of Alabama’s teachers to provide them with enhanced strategies to be more effective.

The funded research of Dr. Feldman has made a significant impact in the way teachers are trained and are provided professional development over the course of their careers.  Today’s teachers are more effective in their teaching of math, science, and reading because of Dr. Feldman’s efforts.